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  • Giraffe Skin Pbr Texture

    Why PBR Texture is Used?

    PBR is vastly used because it decreases a lot of workloads that are required for creating life-like textures and combined them with realistic lighting. It helps to achieve realism more easily.

    In every lighting condition assets will look perfect. Moreover, PBR provides a consistent workflow for different artists.

    From Where You Can Get Free PBR Textures?

    You can easily get different categories of PBR textures to include brick, concrete, fabric, wood, and many more from 3DHeven.

    We have created different materials by using these PBR textures for different software like Unreal engine, lumion, V-ray, and so on. And you can also download these materials from our website 3Dheven.

    All these PBR textures are CC0 licensed and owned by Texturehaven and CC0textures.