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Bricks PBR Textures is a collection of high-quality brick textures offered by 3DHEVEN. This collection includes various types of brick textures that can be used in 4k and 8k resolutions. The textures are compatible with all 3D software, game engines, and render engines.

With over 100s of digital assets available, Bricks PBR Textures allows you to create your online 3D asset library. This extensive library provides a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to brick textures.

One of the featured materials in this collection is the Rust Colored Brick Wall PBR Material. This material contains PNG image maps set to 4000×4000 pixels, making it suitable for use in various video game engines.

Whether you are working on a gaming project, architectural visualization, or any other 3D project, Bricks PBR Textures offers the versatility and quality you need. The collection is designed to enhance the realism and detail of your 3D assets.