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What is HDRI? Understanding High Dynamic Range Imaging

What is HDRI?

Are you a photographer, videographer, or digital artist looking for an edge? Have you heard about High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) but aren’t sure what is HDRI? If so, this blog post is for you! In this post, we’ll explain the basics of HDRI and how it can help you create stunning visuals. Contents Definition of HDRIImportance of HDRI in Photography […]

Warm up your Renders with these 5 Free Winter HDRI

5 Free Winter HDRI

HDRI’s are a necessity for Rendering. Why? Well, if you’re a 3D artist and want to create a realistic, “photo-real” environment in your scene, you have to have HDR photos taken of the environment or location. HDRIs are high dynamic range images that contain a greater range of luminance than what is typically found in standard […]

Add Realism To Your Renders With These 12 Free Forest HDRI

Add Realism To Your Renders With These 12 Free Forest HDRI

HDRI images are the perfect way to create realistic renders. By using high dynamic range imaging, you can create images that have a greater range of lights and darks than what is possible with standard images. This allows for more realistic lighting in your renders and can make your scenes look more lifelike. 3DHEVEN offers 1000s of free high-resolution HDRI images, […]

WHAT IS Creative Common Zero (cc0) LICENSE?


The cc0 is the acronym for creative commons zero licenses. It is basically an international organization that gives free license to the creator for making their work available to anyone in the world. Through this license the creator allows others to use the work without any copyright issue under certain circumstances. However, every creative commons […]