Lumion vs Twinmotion: which one should you use for your next project?

This year, both Twinmotion and Lumion updated and released the new software, so in this article, you will be able to decide in Lumion vs Twinmotion which one is better, the all-new Lumion 12.5 Pro or Twinmotion 2022.2. All of the users know that for real-time rendering the top software available to use are Lumion and Twinmotion. But it might be hard to decide which one will win the tug of war of Lumion vs Twinmotion. It is a known fact that both software comes with their own set of features and specifications that set them apart to cater to every type of user and the user’s style of rendering.

Introduction: Lumion vs Twinmotion


For the rendering of animations, pictures, and panoramic images Lumion was designed and has become one very popular software for rendering. With every new update, the versions of Lumion keep on getting super better than before and every new update brings with it a new set of features that are also introduced to the public. What you have in your mind, the idea, or any art, Lumion makes sure to change it into reality with very little effort and gives you the best possible results that will make rendering so much fun for you.


Twinmotion on the other hand is another superb software for rendering and has made the lives of architects and designers much easier. With the help of Twinmotion, you can very easily display your visualizations, by the creation and the development of your ideas. It mostly works on the improvement of its features that already exist. It also takes in the feedback from the customers and in the next release, it will use the feedback to improve its features further.

Now let’s move on to the in-depth comparison of both rendering software and make it easier for you to pick one that suits you.

Comparison: Lumion vs Twinmotion

Ease of use

Twinmotion is a software that is lightweight and has a render engine that works very fast and has a very basic UI with a render time next to none. The importing process is also very fast. However, it does not give you the access of standalone and you will need it to be taken on a cruise through the epic games after the installation so it can be bothersome. It might be a little difficult to use but it is very powerful so that overcomes it. There are so many settings you can do it may seem to be never-ending. You may be surprised how good the animated characters look in it.

Lumion, on the other hand, is often described as the easiest software for rendering and you may hear all the designers say this. It is easy to learn, use, and achieve the desired outcomes that you were trying to get and to do things. If you are thinking that because it is easy it may not be very good software you are wrong because it comes with spectacular and highly powerful tools.


Twinmotion: with its new exterior scenes and very near-to-reality atmosphere of sky and the sun is popular among architects. It allows you to accurately go over the seasons, the different times during the day, and all kinds of locations. Hence Twinmotion is very realistic as well.

Lumion: The realism provided by the Lumion software is very near to reality. While rendering you can just enable the reflections of the speed ray and put more reflections over the windows and big surfaces which are also flat and this will give it a good glossy realistic look that will make your whole design look very wonderful.


Twinmotion: The library inside Twinmotion has further categories which are Twinmotion Assets, Sketchfab Assets, and Quixel Megascans Assets. It also has in it the user library where the assets will be displayed once they are imported from the external links. You will be able to share the assets with many other users and you can save the materials which are also custom.

Lumion: The library of Lumion is very vast; it has an all-time new collection and additions. The navigation through the library is very easy and you will have around six thousand four hundred objects including the cars, the plants, the trees, and the people which makes this Library very epic.


Twinmotion: If you will use Twinmotion you will be able to realize that the rendering is of the best quality and the animated objects make your whole piece of art look a thousand times more attractive. However it has some problems when you save the work, it may lose the link which was imported and the cameras which were saved for the animation set-ups as well.

Lumion: If you are to rank the best part of Lumion, on top will be the animation. Your walkthrough will be very fast and the work process from scratch to end will be displayed very smoothly. It allows you to do the animations very easily and very effectively. Lumion is the best choice anyone can have.


Twinmotion: The price of Twinmotion is around USD 499 and once you pay this you can remain tension free till the end of the year as all the upgrades will be covered within this amount.

Lumion: comes with full freedom to use every possible feature at USD 3605 approx. and if you want to limit your access to the library you can have the standard version at just $1802.


Now you may be able to see that while Twinmotion gives you the ability to customize effectively, Lumion is better at the general look. So we can recommend you to use Twinmotion which will be much better for the architects. So the Lumion vs Twinmotion tug of war is won by Twinmotion.

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