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our Painted Metal PBR Textures, a collection of high-quality textures designed to enhance your 3D projects. With options available in both 4k and 8k resolutions, these textures are compatible with all major 3D software, game engines, and rendering engines.

Our Painted Metal PBR Textures offer a seamless texture design with maps including Diffuse/Base Color, Normal, Displacement/Height, and Roughness. These maps work together to create realistic and visually stunning metal surfaces in your projects.

For added convenience and flexibility, we also provide additional files for our patrons. With a 4k resolution uncompressed PNG version of the texture, as well as SBS and SBSAR files for customization in Substance Designer or Substance Player, our patrons can truly take their projects to the next level.

Whether you're working on a video game, architectural visualization, or any other 3D project, our Painted Metal PBR Textures are optimized for use in a metalness/roughness workflow, ensuring seamless integration with all major workflows. We even offer texture sets specifically tailored for popular software options such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, and SketchUp.

At 3DHEVEN, we strive to offer the highest quality textures to our customers. Our Painted Metal PBR Textures not only provide stunning visuals but they have also been carefully crafted and tested to ensure compatibility and ease of use. Trust in our proven expertise and choose our Painted Metal PBR Textures to elevate your projects today.