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The Painted Plaster PBR Textures is a high-quality texture set offered by 3DHEVEN. This set includes seamless textures of painted plaster in both 4k and 8k resolution. These textures are designed to be compatible with all 3D software, game engines, and render engines.

With the use of these textures, you can add realistic and detailed painted plaster materials to your 3D models or architectural visualizations. The textures are seamless, ensuring that they seamlessly tile across surfaces without any visible seams or repetition.

The Painted Plaster PBR Textures are perfect for creating interior and exterior scenes, adding depth and realism to your virtual environments. They can be used to create walls, ceilings, floors, and any other surfaces that require a painted plaster finish.

The texture set includes a variety of maps such as diffuse, displacement, specular, normal, and ambient occlusion. These maps provide different information to enhance the appearance and realism of the textures in your 3D projects.