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This is a haunted house Sketchup Model, we have used it for lumion and twinmotion to make tutorials on our youtube channel.

To learn, how to render and make the best realistic results. You can download this SketchUp model from our site for free and follow in our footsteps. Therefore, It will help you to learn from our lapses. As well as it saves your time. Plus, it will instruct you to develop perfect and realistic results.

A haunted house SketchUp model is a digital 3D representation of a spooky and eerie dwelling created using SketchUp, a popular 3D modeling software. This model could encompass haunted architectural elements like crooked windows, crumbling walls, and eerie lighting, serving as a creative asset for Halloween-themed projects, animations, or architectural visualization with a haunted twist.

haunted house Sketchup Model
This item: Haunted House Sketchup Model

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