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Bring old-world charm to your designs with the Vintage Street Light 05 3D Model. Detailed geometry, PBR materials, and high-res 4K textures for versatile use in 3D software.

Vintage Street Light 05 By 3DHEVEN
This item: Vintage Street Light 05

Vintage Street Light 05

The Vintage Street Light 05 by 3DHEVEN is a meticulously crafted 3D model that accurately portrays a vintage street light. This model boasts an exceptional level of detail and realism, making it a valuable asset for various projects.

To ensure impeccable texture mapping, the Vintage Street Light 05 is constructed as a single mesh with a non-overlapping UV layout map. This meticulous approach guarantees the optimal placement of textures on the model.

Included in the package are PBR materials, textures, and a UV layout map, all of which contribute to making this model production-ready. The textures are of high resolution, measuring 4096×4096, and have been expertly created using Substance Painter. As a result, the model showcases an impressive level of intricacy and lifelike appearance.

The geometry of the model is composed entirely of quads, which ensures a clean and efficient topology. This makes the Vintage Street Light 05 suitable for a wide range of applications and facilitates easy customization or modification if desired.

To enhance versatility and compatibility, the Vintage Street Light 05 is provided in both FBX and BLEND formats, making it compatible with numerous 3D software platforms. With a vertex count of 4597 and 4588 quad faces, this model strikes a perfect balance between detail and efficiency.

Overall, the Vintage Street Light 05 by 3DHEVEN is a premium 3D asset that offers exceptional quality and versatility. Whether you are working on architectural visualizations, gaming, animation, or any other digital project, this vintage street light model will add a touch of nostalgia and charm to your scene.

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