Architects and designers generate photorealistic images or 3D models of the projects to demonstrate their ideas to the clients.

However, most of the 3D models lack the spark that ignites emotions. Usually, these models are not proficient enough to capture the liveliness and the atmosphere of its surrounding. Plus, it doesn't evolve emotions or attachment to that place.

So, instead of rendering a building, render the design that lights up the emotions and renders the space where life unfolds.

In order to create lively models, you have to start rendering on lumion 11.5 pro.

It is a 3D rendering software that brings life into rendering. As well as it benefits the architect to integrate material that seems real and spark emotions. Thereby, it helps the clients to envision that how life takes place within those walls.

Architects enjoy working with lumion 11.5 pro as it enhances the working experience of rendering. As well as it offers you free-hand to express your creativity and bring your ideas to the computer screen.

Lumion makes the rendering process simple and easy. As well as it minimizes the amount of effort you required to create captivating images and videos.

With lumion, you can narrate the mesmeric tale that visualizes your client's dream home. Plus, it can make an area feel alive by exhibiting everyday activities.

By placing different objects and tiny details with which you beautify your home. For instance, in the kitchen the egg fries, tea boils, and the toast pops out of the toaster is an appearance of starting a new morning. Scattered books, open laptop on a study table along with the coffee cups. The sofas, table, and chairs of the lounge are the heart of the house where the whole family gathered, shared laughs, and had so many beautiful moments. These all things are not just a piece of furniture, however, they mirror life.


The lumion 11.5 pros have launched with so many new features including a new Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) spotlight. It creates the lighting arrangement of your need. Plus, this version, features a RAL color picker that facilitates your color selection as well as equates with the European color standards.

The lumion 11.5 pro has a multifunctional clip planes feature that exhibits your design from multiple angles. As well as it creates pleasing and informative images and animations that display all the measurements of your design.

The high-quality preview feature in lumion theater mode displays the final look of rendering before hitting the rendering key.

Additionally, lumion 11.5 pro has come up with a novel object in its content library. Thereby, you can add humans to give a unique touch to your render.

Lumion has another new feature named orthographic view that decreases the effort required to map out the design and section views filled with your own unique taste.

Plus, The animated phasing illustrates that how the part of your building connects and interacts.

The OpenStreetMaps feature adds the minor details that make up the view around it.



Lumion is compatible with almost all 3D and CAD programs. So, every designer and architect can avail the easy and fast architectural visualization. In fact, every inch is fashioned to save time.

The live sync feature of lumion can fabricate a flawless, real-time connection between the CAD program and lumion. However, If live sync is not available for your CAD program. Still, you can enjoy flawless, import, model reimport, and compatibility.

To run lumion 11.5 pro, you also required the best laptop on which it works smoothly without any hiccups. To choose the best laptop for lumion, you can check our article on The best laptop for lumion.

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